Born 1992r Warsaw, Poland

My work focuses on exploring materials which I transform into art pieces. I try to find a common language with matter and thus discover it's hidden form

- Education

2017- Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

- Selected exibitions and awards

2010- First place in the Nationwide Art Review, Dłuzew / Golden Index.

2011- Scholarship of the minister of Culture and National Heritage.

2013- Project - The Way We Are. Reminiscent smile. TIFF Collective festival Wroclaw.

2014- Group exibition of sculpture. Katarzyna Cecot / Jan Musiałowski / Mariusz Wolny. Endorfina.  Foksal 2 Warsaw.

2015- Group exibition of sculpture and Graphic. FenixClub, Hoża 50 Warsaw.

2017-Group exibition  - Biennale of Graphic. Poznan.

2017- Solo exibition - I can't stop. Wojnicka 2 Warsaw.

2019- Solo exibition - Valuation of value.  Wojnicka 2 Warsaw

2020- Group exibiton - Pro Futuro. DAP Gallery, Mazowiecka 21a Warsaw 

2020-Group exibition - Laboratorium rzeźby. Galeria ToTuArt, Plac Koneser Warsaw

2021-Group exibition - Natura. DAP Gallery, Mazowiecka 21a Warsaw 

2021-Group exibition - Laboratorium rzeźby vol.2 . Galeria ToTuArt, Plac Koneser Warsaw

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